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Hat Storage/Display DIY

My brother loves hats. Since he is a 19 year old college student, he was lacking in funds to create a storage space for all the hats he spent all his money on. We got the perfect solution, to use pushpins in the wall from a friend of mine who was already doing it. He did not… Continue reading Hat Storage/Display DIY


Tips and Tricks: 2013 Florida SuperCon

10 tips and tricks for navigating Florida SuperCon at the Miami Airport Convention Center! 1.       BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! I cannot stress this enough. I also could not capture the line of hundreds of eager nerds wrapped around the building, sweating in their costumes in 87+ degree Florida weather, waiting to purchase their tickets. If… Continue reading Tips and Tricks: 2013 Florida SuperCon


Ren Fest Adventure

Once a year in March or April on the weekend, of course, I don my most comfortable Renaissance-looking outfit. Usually a pirate, gypsy or something of the like.  Then, I gather those who will join me and head off to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, Florida. Here are my photos and tips from this… Continue reading Ren Fest Adventure