DIY: Scrabble Present

Hey friends! It has been a while since I have posted. So many things have changed that I have had to update my About page….what?!  A few highlights of the last year include a new job, a new apartment and so many new hobbies so stay turned for more posts.

Now on to the good stuff. My Mom, like most mothers, has a soft spot for handmade, DIY, heartfelt presents. So for her Birthday I decided to do just that. I found some ideas on the internet to use Scrabble tiles to make art out of her children’s names and made it my own.


  • Scrabble Tiles (I found a partial game on Craigslist.)
  • Glue (I used Tacky Glue)
  • A sheet of paper
  • ribbon (lots of colors)
  • A frame

2014-05-11 16.02.08 2014-05-11 16.02.25 2014-05-11 16.06.06 2014-05-11 16.16.57

I cut all of my ribbon into strips and laid them out to cover the paper. I used the Tacky Glue along each strip of ribbon to glue it in place. Wait for the glue to dry before moving on to the next step.2014-05-11 16.18.48


Before you lay out your Scrabble tiles use a sheet of paper to plan your layout. You may also need to get a larger frame if you have longer names. Another option would be to fill in with other words like Family, Love, Trust….etc. Then lay out your tiles and glue them in place.

2014-05-11 16.38.07

Now put your art in the frame and be sure to take a photo. Instagram needs to know how crafty you are. Tag me in it so I can see too; chicgeekerin2014-05-11 16.41.12

Yay! One post down for 2015 and we are back at it.

Have a fabulous day!



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