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Pinned it – Nailed it” Housewarming “Jar”

I think this might be one of my new favorite pins! I love giving practical gifts but sometimes it is just not okay to walk into someone’s new home with a plunger and call it a housewarming gift. So I found this “housewarming jar” on Pinterest


What I like so much about a Housewarming Jar is that it combines my love the practical with a really cute presentation. So here is my take on the Housewarming Jar…

I wanted something a bit more personal and original…so I replaced my “jar” with a vintage Pyrex dish.

  • Still clear so I can show off my goodies inside!
  • Geared toward someone who loves to cook!
  • It was my mother’s so it was a freebee!

I found an adorable book on mini cupcakes that did not fit in my dish so I left it open.


  • Dish towels
  • Hand soap
  • Sponges
  • Cute rubber gloves
  • A mini cupcake book

Then I wrapped it in ribbon with baby’s breath.Photo Sep 21, 3 08 31 PM

My final product was by far the cutest gift presentation she received and cost a grand total of $33!

Photo Sep 21, 3 09 01 PM

Come follow me on Pinterest and comment below with some other ideas for “jar” alternatives and other great things to put inside!

Have a great day!



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