Tips and Tricks: 2013 Florida SuperCon

10 tips and tricks for navigating Florida SuperCon at the Miami Airport Convention Center!


I cannot stress this enough. I also could not capture the line of hundreds of eager nerds wrapped around the building, sweating in their costumes in 87+ degree Florida weather, waiting to purchase their tickets. If you purchased in advance, you walked right in to the air-conditioned convention center. Booyah!

2.       Be mindful of the location of your hotel especially if you wake up easily…

You are right by an airport; you will hear planes flying at all times of night if you are not careful as to where you say. We had a great experience at the Residence Inn by Marriott but planes were practically flying overhead. Also, reserve your hotel well in advance to take advantage of SuperCon pricing.

3.       Download their app! (iPhone and Android) Then once you get to the convention, bring a highlighter and grab a schedule right away.

Looking at the app in advance will give you a peak at the schedule. Make note of what looks interesting; there are more detailed descriptions on the schedule at the Con.

4.       Space out your panels and Q & A’s.

There are more things going on than any one person is capable of attending. Space it out or plan on leaving a panel early to catch the next one. Depending on the popularity of what you want to attend you should be at the room no later than 15 minutes before it starts to ensure a seat.

5.       At panels and Q & A’s, try not to sit next to the door.

Get in there, sit close and listen carefully. These are not all trained public speakers, some don’t even have mics, and you may have a hard time hearing  if you are sitting too far away. Also, the doors are big, heavy and loud and people will constantly pop their heads in and let the door slam behind them.

6.       Plan to spend about $10 per meal and about $5-$10 on parking.

This way you have a little extra spending money if you find food for less. Pizza can be ordered and delivered to the Miami Airport Convention Center. There is also a hidden vending machine with $1 drinks and snacks located on the second floor of the Miami International Merchandise Mart which is attached to the Double Tree Hotel.

7.       Plan a few separate times to shop.

There are tons of vendors and over two days we walked by all of them about five times. There will be lots of people doing this so don’t be alarmed by the swarms but be mindful that you may have to make multiple trips to see everything. There was shopping both downstairs and upstairs in the main convention center. (Don’t forget about all the sweet fan art for sale!)

8.       Test new video games and read new comics.

Make a point to stop at the programmers and artist booths to test their games and read their comics. They will appreciate your feedback and interest.

9.       Be prepared to learn new things and maybe even take notes.

If you are even remotely interested in any video game, comic book, design, cosplay, acting, voice acting, drawing, entrepreneur, paranormal investigation, etc. “careers” then bring a notebook. This is the place to talk to people in those fields and ask them lots questions.

10.   Most importantly, charge up!

Charge your cell phone, camera and whatever else. Be prepared to take lots of photos; there are great “cosplayers” everywhere! If you are a “cosplayer”, be prepared to not get anything done that day as you will be the star of photos.  There are plenty of spaces upstairs to recharge but you don’t want to spend time missing something cool because your phone died.

If you have any questions, please comment below!

Now for a load of pictures from Florida SuperCon 2013; you earned it!

Photo Jul 06, 2 09 51 PM
We got to beta test a soon-to-be released indie game called Jungle Rumble!
Photo Jul 06, 2 24 46 PM
Some adorable little Origin PC cases, just begging to come home with me.
Photo Jul 06, 2 38 12 PM
A nicely done Tardis complete with a phone inside this mini door.
Photo Jul 06, 2 57 37 PM
Photo Jul 06, 3 07 41 PM
I would be honored to have this Dwarf beside me in battle.
Photo Jul 06, 3 07 53 PM
A bit blurry but a good example of a crowded hallway. I spy the Doctor.
Photo Jul 06, 3 25 57 PM
When the lights go out, the Star Wars fans come out to play.
Photo Jul 06, 4 35 11 PM
Don’t lie, you know you love Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element!
Photo Jul 06, 4 40 29 PM
This Catwoman is spot on!
Photo Jul 07, 2 28 15 PM
An adorable tiny owl. It took me about 15 shots before I got one where he wasn’t moving his head all around.
Photo Jul 07, 3 14 36 PM
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Photo Jul 07, 5 29 13 PM
The Tardis and a Dalek.
Photo Jul 08, 8 52 29 AM
Last but not least, a final photo with a couple of the guys from the 501st Legion Everglades Squad.

Check back for a post and photos from Tampa Bay Comic Con!

I will be attending and dressed as Black Widow (from the Avengers movie) on August 24th! Hope to see you there!

– Erin


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