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Pinned it – Nailed it: Mother’s Day Flowers

As I write this on another caffeine fueled college finals day, I am remembering that Mother’s Day is right around the corner and my budget is shot by an unexpected car repair.

Last year, I found this adorable, college student budget-friendly craft project on Pinterest. It looked easy enough and guess what…it was.



  • Mason jar – get this from a thrift store
  • Ribbon
  • Old book
  • Sticks – from the backyard or a park (as many as you want and grab extras in case some break)
  • Newspaper or magazines – to lay down under your craft project
  • Hot glue gun

Photo May 02, 7 51 04 AM

Okay so before you start making paper flowers put you sticks in the Mason jar and do a count of where you would like to see these flowers. Keep in mind that once you glue a flower to a stick there is no moving it. So you then have to make more flowers and find another stick. Can you tell I am lazy?

Step one: Cut out your flowers from book pages. Cut a spiral and then wrap it.

  • Note: You may need a big spiral and a little spiral to make one flower.
  • Make a few more flowers than you think you’ll need. I made about 10-15, not all survived.

Step two: Glue the flowers to the sticks where you would like them to be.

Step three: Tie your ribbon around the Mason jar.

Photo May 02, 7 49 10 AM

Step four: Give to your Mom.

Photo May 02, 7 49 47 AM

I gave this to my Mom for Mother’s Day last year and she cried because I used one of my Grandma’s old books to make the flowers. Bonus points! How am I going to top that this year?!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!



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