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Pinned it – Nailed it!

I love Pinterest…you can find and follow me here. I am a very picky pinner. I don’t pin things unless I truly will try them out. So I will be using my blog to let you know how well or not well my attempts go.

I found this awesome way to organize scarves on a hanger and decided to give it a try.

This is the photo I found on Pinterest, unfortunately the link was bad so I do not know who to thank for this great idea.


Here is my attempt…I’d say it is successful.

Nailed it on Pinterest

My hanger may be cheaper or my scarves may be heavier but either way I am experiencing some drooping. Other than that it works perfectly and I can easily see all of my scarves. I also found that my infinity scarf goes nicely around the top.

It is important to note that I live in Florida and therefore, I have far too many scarves.

Check back for more Pinerest attempts!

Happy February!


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